McGrath Family Session at Home

July 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Meet the McGraths! We wanted to spotlight this family so you could get to know them a bit more. 
The youngest, Rose, is not afraid of using her voice to get what she needs or keep from being left out. She is also a goofball cuddler and will often flip herself around in your arms or on a chair to see where the action is or get in a  quick snuggle.

Justin, the big brother, will ask for a book about twenty times a day. He loves to hear a funny story and talk about the pictures or make up a silly game. He's a little more hesitant to get in the mix, but he 's great at quality time and making one on one connections.
Michael (dad) is top notch at playing with the kiddos. He is amazing at spontaneous creative high energy play. He makes up funny names for the toy people, like Squeaky Steve like Bouncy Bob. He is able to just play as usual during photo sessions and appreciates how the moment shows up authentically in the photos. 
Carrie (mom) is a bit quieter than Michael with her play and has a tendency to be more of a planner and organizer. If left to her own devices (sans children) she is reading, playing in the dirt or creating domestic loveliness. If with children she is following his lead, doing parades and doling out goldfish.
Lola Bean (the blonde dog) is loyal and lovable and will do anything for a belly rub or a romp. She is a classic annoying younger sibling to Howie and has been known to dive-bomb his face and then run away. Her favorite place to rest is the cool tile in the fireplace.
Don't tell Howie Dog (the black dog) he isn't people. He won't believe you and will likely be offended by the suggestion he shouldn't sit on the furniture or sleep in the bed. He still remembers using a doorbell to get in and out of the house. 

 The whole whole circus can often be seen waking around Shaw or through Tower Grove Park. 

If while looking at these you found yourself thinking, "I wish I had photos like this of my family!" Chances are, we'd be a good fit. The real moments in life can be hard to capture, but that's my passion and I am committed to creating an experience for you rather than just a series of posed photos. I want you to remember this day fondly and enjoy yourself, and have that feeling again every time you look at your photos.

Email me to set up a session! 


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