Louisville, Kentucky Newborn: Perry Family Welcomes Baby Number 3

March 26, 2017  •  1 Comment

This little doll's name is Eva Perry! Hi, Eva! Loving this simple but pretty nursery. Big brother made it home from school to join the photo shoot! Big sister is here to play now, too!

 Definitely can't tell these three are related ;-)

Of course the girls need matching bows!

Sometimes you just have to take a coloring break 

...and then have a pillow fight! 

Now the whole family's here :-) What a good looking group!


Judy R Calhoun(non-registered)
I Love Your Work!! Of Course My Family make A Beautiful Subject to shoot & create an amazing canvas of Beauty. I will need to remember you for others I know with newborns in the area like Kayla Ward. I simply adore these awesome portraits. J Elizabeth!
Judy Calhoun 1st Cousin to The Dad and Resident On Montgomery Co.,MD
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