Lola Pinkston 10.3.17

November 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We usually try to write up a little something about each of these sessions, but we felt this new mom said it best.

Amber (mom): "Joel wanted everything to be normal and comfortable with the least amount of posing. I was exhausted because I generally get 4-5 hours of interrupted sleep at night with Lola, but I still wanted photos that captured us at our best. Lola was her normal chill self. As long as she was fed and tummy time didn't take too long, she was happy. Franklin was excited someone new was there to give him attention. He's not so sure about what the baby means to him yet, but as long as he is also getting love, he is happy. We went through what a good day would be with Jenna in tow (tummy time, breastfeeding, playing together on the bed, porch time, a walk) and I think the pictures really captured how happy those moments make us in between all the exhaustion of having a newborn."



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