McGrath 10.6.17

October 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We met the McGrath family at Forest park on a beautiful October evening. They had the toddlers and puppies in tow and came ready to make some magic. We ran through the park, played in a dried up lotus pond, had some snacks by a willow tree and found a cool tree to hang out on. Carrie tells us why it's important to her to have photos taken: "Our lives are so full. Everyone of us is living these full and fast lives where days and weeks and months slip by in lists of to-dos. Taking the time to go have the photos taken is a stake in the ground saying, "This time is sacred. This time is the only time we have." Then putting them up and looking at them each day reminds me again that the time we have is a gift." Beautifully said. :-)


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